Palmenco Avgränsare

Wehicle Weighing

Vehicle weighing has been a key product area for us since the beginning of the eighties, and it is often customers of one of our other products who have a need for a vehicle weighing system.

Initially, a proprietary scale was designed within the company, which was sold until the mid-nineties when our collaboration with Teknoscale Oy in Finland began.

Today, we use our knowledge of both the scale’s design and the understanding of measurement technology to help our customers find a solution that fits their needs.

Teknoscale EVOCAR 2018

A vehicle scale for those who want both simple operation and reliable measurement. A scale is placed under each wheel, and the weight is then added manually or automatically via radio to a PC.

The Teknoscale EVOCAR 2018 is used by several authorities, including the Swedish Police, but also by the military, industries, and airports.

Accessories available include, for example, racks for vehicle mounting, handling aids, and software for calculations.

Product Features

  • Type-approved FI 18.1.02, Rev. 1
  • 2014/31/EU (EN45501:2015)
  • Available in wireless version
  • Maximum weight 10,000 kg
  • Scale divisions 10 kg/20 kg/50 kg
  • 12VDC or 230VAC Charging
  • Automatic reset
  • Weight 18.6 kg
  • IP67
  • Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C
  • LCD with good readability