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Palmenco AB is dedicated to enhancing road safety.

For more than forty years, Palmenco AB has been a leader in improving road safety by collaborating closely with various authorities, regional health authorities, municipalities, and private entities.

We offer a broad selection of products, including those from renowned brands like Kustom Signals, Lion Laboratories, and Teknoscale, complemented by our proprietary solutions

Our product range includes technology for speed monitoring, automatic license plate recognition, driving behavior analysis, and alcohol checks.

Our product portfolio features leading brands such as Lion Laboratories and Foxguard for alcohol testing, Kustom Signals laser meters for speed enforcement, and portable scales from Teknoscale for on-site vehicle weighing.

With our collective expertise, we also develop our own technical solutions, featuring customized and innovative hardware and software. Our vehicle-mounted video system, ARES, is currently used by several police authorities.

We perform service, repair, and development of all our products in-house. This ensures that our customers can rely on them throughout the entire product lifecycle.


We perform accredited control of laser instruments for speed measurement and for vehicle scales up to 10 tons. We are accredited according to ISO 17020.


Are you looking for something that doesn’t exist? We have the capability to develop products from idea to finished solution in both software and hardware. We love a good challenge.


We perform service on all products ourselves, and you avoid long transport times to and from the manufacturer.


You can order new nozzles for your breathalyzer directly on our site. We usually have all types in stock for immediate delivery.