Palmenco Avgränsare

Speed Enforcement

Palmenco AB offers a variety of products for measuring speed in different contexts. Most commonly, we focus on speed measurement on roads, but we also work with ports, mines, race tracks, and other locations where speed and traffic statistics are of interest.

We work with both proprietary technology such as our Trip-Track and radar technology, and are also distributors of Kustom Signals radar and ProLaser products.

Our major clients include the Police in the Nordic countries, with whom we have decades of experience and collaboration, as well as other authorities such as the coast guard and the customs office.

Our operations are accredited by SWEDAC, and we naturally perform calibration and service. We can also assist with traffic analysis and statistics, as well as data processing to suit our clients specific needs.

ARES System options

  • ARES Surveillance
  • ARES MRVS (Moving Radar Video System)


ARES is more than just a video system; it serves as the foundation for a cutting-edge speed enforcement solution. By integrating our innovative 4D/UHD radar antenna package, ARES sets a new standard for efficient speed monitoring, with or without evidential video.

This revolutionary system allows law enforcement to accurately measure the speed of surrounding traffic while the patrol car is in motion, all with tested uncertainty. ARES represents a significant leap forward in the field of speed enforcement technology.

Product Features

  • Optional 4D/UHD RADAR
  • Optional ANPR
  • Ready for the new OIML R91
  • External or internal evidential storage
  • E-marked for vehicle mounting
  • USB and LAN for file transfer
  • Remote control via CAN
  • Monitor output HDMI
  • Compatible with Trip-Track M13 for replacing your older VASCAR system

Trip-track m13

The Trip-track M13 is an average speed meter used to calculate the speed of, for example, a vehicle ahead.

The Trip-track M13 is designed for use on both motorcycles and cars and accepts various interfaces with the vehicle.

The instrument has been tested at RiSE to ensure its measurement accuracy.

Product Features

  • ± 1 km/h speed accuracy
  • Measuring range 0-999.99 km/h
  • Clock accuracy 99.99%
  • Temperature range -40 to +70°C
  • E-marked for vehicle mounting
  • Environmental resistance IP66, suitable for motorcycle mounting

ProLaser 4

The ProLaser 4 is a high-performance instrument for measuring speed and distance, designed for simple and precise use. Its ergonomic design, compact size, and low weight help reduce fatigue in the arm and wrist, while its robust aluminum housing ensures long-term durability.

It features a high-contrast OLED display and a head-up display (HUD) for clear viewing in both day and night conditions, along with four selectable aiming points. Additionally, the device includes a ”Following Too Close” mode for monitoring the distance between vehicles on the road.

The ProLaser 4 is tailored to meet Nordic standards for legal security and has been tested by the Swedish Technical Research Institute.

We also perform calibration and control checks of the ProLaser 4 and similar instruments in-house.

Product Features

  • ±1 km/h speed accuracy
  • Environmental resistance IP54
  • Sustains a day’s measurement on 4xAA batteries
  • Speed range 5 to 320 km/h
  • Distance range 10 to 2438 m
  • Electronic sealing
  • Laser class 1 (eye-safe)
  • 0.3 seconds to first measurement
  • Temperature range -40 to +60°C
  • Weight 1.2 kg including batteries

LaserCam 4

The LaserCam 4 is a high-performance photo/video LIDAR that delivers irrefutable evidence with its 36x optical zoom and superior target acquisition.

Powered by the ProLaser 4, it offers faster acquisition time, high-resolution plate capture at longer distances, and a comprehensive video record of speed enforcement and tracking history. Patented AutoTrak technology continually zooms with target tracking, optimizing speed measurements and simplifying user experience. The result is indisputable video evidence confirming every citation, with the ability to record additional infractions.

The ergonomic, rugged design and intuitive interface make LaserCam 4 a reliable tool for law enforcement.

Product Features

  • 36x optical zoom
  • AutoTrak technology
  • Wireless printing and communication
  • Up to 64GB secure internal memory
  • Camera presets for different lighting conditions
  • Electronic sealing
  • Laser class 1 (eye-safe)
  • Glove-friendly, high resolution touch screen
  • Ergonomic rugged design