Origin & Focus

Palmenco AB was founded in the late 1960s by Lars Palmgren as an agency business, initially focusing on alcohol balloons from Lion Laboratories for police use, establishing the company’s direction towards police and traffic technology. Since then Palmenco has evolved into an innovator with a wide range of proprietary products, including vehicle scales and automatic license plate reading systems, serving customers from the Nordic police authorities to the transport and healthcare sectors.

Innovation & Partnerships

For over four decades, we have been working to improve traffic safety through close cooperation with authorities, counties, municipalities, and private actors. Our contributions include technology for speed surveillance, automatic license plate reading, driving behavior analysis, and alcohol checks in Scandinavia. As the general agent for several leading brands, including Kustom Signals, Lion Laboratories, and Teknoscale, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio that also includes our own developed solutions.

Product Development & Expertise

Since 2017, Foxguard breathalyzers have also been included in our range. Palmenco AB also has expertise in accredited control of vehicle scales and speedometers, and we have fully equipped workshops for service, manufacturing, repairs, and prototype development.

Quality Commitment

We prioritize customer satisfaction, quality, competence, and honesty in everything we do. With headquarters in Borås and a branch in Stockholm, we are a privately-owned company with the highest credit rating, and our operations are regularly checked by SWEDAC to maintain the highest standard.

Palmenco Swedac 7658
Palmenco Swedac 7658